Guise and Otherwise

from by Blue Jaguar



She is many who dreams of being one
Coyote daring to be a clown
A falcon bearing her inner robin
Oh the red red breast! Oh the red red down!

Pretty pennies pine for purchase
The future of the golden corn
The past a pretense for perfect logic
Rising from the the sacred ground

Some sorcerer prepares for audition
Cloaking herself in the cape of a magician

A young bandit dreams of being buried
Under pyramids of sand
A white ladder rises from the ocean
Women men children! Lives unend

Some portraitist hangs for exposition
Finding herself in a land beyond comprehension

Pink poppies burst beyond the asters
Our Lady pulling up a frown
Sensation flows like rivers to the ocean
Oh temptation! Watch the sky fall down

Some holy man beset by inner vision
Commencing campaigns to become a politician

These guardians bag droduction
Their emotions are unbound
Heads are drunk with thoughts of replication
Singing in a perfect round


from Perfect Round, released February 9, 2014




Blue Jaguar Washington

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