Perfect Round

by Blue Jaguar

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I'm very pleased that you visited this site. Welcome!

This album was conceived and executed during the winter of 2014. It arose during meditations on the cycles of becoming, existing, and dissolving.

Thanks for listening.

Matthew Austin Williams


released February 9, 2014

All songs written by Matthew Austin Williams, with the exception of Pablo Picasso, written by Sara Anderson and Rachael Perry.

Produced by Blue Communication.




Blue Jaguar Washington

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Track Name: Theater Production Blues
This theater production sets my head in a whirl
Like an oyster who can’t understand her pearl

The gun on the mantle - so creative! - makes a big bang - what a rage!
The effect obscures the motives of anyone on the stage

She’s learning to grow thinner, he’s learning to stand up straight
She disconnects the phone while he carries an empty plate

The emperor contrives to tell all the people how to swim
They liberate themselves as they each grows a set of fins

Amphibian locomotion replaces gas and electricity
Still the tadpoles think they’re no more than what they see

In the blue light red hemp replaces green cotton as Black Friday comes and goes
In an office over the ocean fashion designers pull the petals from a rose

She wastes away to nothing and he never takes a rest
Electronic alters proclaim that they are blessed

When the spotlight grows dimmer and the curtain’s drawing closed
The emperor still ain’t wearing any clothes

This theater production sets my head in a whirl
Like an oyster who can’t understand her pearl
Track Name: Cousin Ronnie and The King
When Cousin Ronnie knew he couldn’t win,
My father made the drive in the snow
To Memphis to help Ronnie loop his belt and
Give his family one last go.

His family was gathered together
Under memorabilia of The King.
But since Elvis had passed and gone
They couldn’t offer Ronnie anything.

My father isn’t one for praying,
So he spoke. "Let the past be in the past,"
And pleaded, "Let the dove of forgiveness
Land in your heart before it’s passed."

But they pointed to a road sign to Fort Pillow,
In the town of a man who dreamed of war (Henning TN),
Crying “Our roots have been drowned in sorrow
We have to live with what was done before.”

“And it’s no use to try and change the story
Because we never will agree.
The King has died and this man massacred our people
So we will never let him be free.”

This morning as Ronnie awoke
A feather by grace landed on his nose.
The dove of forgiveness bore his spirit and
The King passed him a brand new set of clothes.

Now my father nearly never speaks
except to say what is exactly true:
Ronnie sung his final words said
"Please, lets forget my past,
The future looks bright ahead,
Don't be cruel to a heart that's true."
Track Name: End of the World Blues
As we approach destruction I’m singing a gentle song
You never hesitate to tell me when I’m wrong

This may be the end of the world because I’m taking it one moment at a time
That doesn’t mean I think everything's gonna turn out fine.

If I leave the lights on do I destroy the future with electricity?
I don’t really mind what happens to me.

Light created matter. She makes us each moment at a time
I don’t understand and I don’t pay it any mind.

This is the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine:
Each breath life and death, now is the end of time.

Now is a perfect moment, now is the end of time.
You and me let’s meet beyond our minds.
Track Name: Guise and Otherwise
She is many who dreams of being one
Coyote daring to be a clown
A falcon bearing her inner robin
Oh the red red breast! Oh the red red down!

Pretty pennies pine for purchase
The future of the golden corn
The past a pretense for perfect logic
Rising from the the sacred ground

Some sorcerer prepares for audition
Cloaking herself in the cape of a magician

A young bandit dreams of being buried
Under pyramids of sand
A white ladder rises from the ocean
Women men children! Lives unend

Some portraitist hangs for exposition
Finding herself in a land beyond comprehension

Pink poppies burst beyond the asters
Our Lady pulling up a frown
Sensation flows like rivers to the ocean
Oh temptation! Watch the sky fall down

Some holy man beset by inner vision
Commencing campaigns to become a politician

These guardians bag droduction
Their emotions are unbound
Heads are drunk with thoughts of replication
Singing in a perfect round
Track Name: Pablo Picasso
Pablo Picasso making love to John Wayne
Jesus the peasant in the White House smoking rain
Deathbed confessions of a nun with gangrene
Spent her life in America learning the tambourine


La la la (x3)
La is all you need.

Pope Paul the XII he was taking a cross to the sky
Flew til he found Mr. Jackson dressed for a suicide drive
Don't stop til you get enough


Pinochet was a puppet, mighty continental divide
Broke apart America on a long distance motorcycle medical missionary drive


God bless America. She was, she is, Miss America.
Two continents named America. It's true - red white black and yellow.


I am I and you are you but once in a while we're through and through
I fit the battle of Jericho with you, two by two
Joshua fit the battle of Jericho